Our candles

All candles (antique, crown and canal) from Delsbo Candle are 100 % stearin and fulfil the Swan label criteria. Apart from our own candles you also find pillar candles, tea lights (Swan labelled) and outdoor candles from our quality assured supplier Hansa Candle.

Mainly, our business is done directly with the central purchase department of various wholesalers and chains. Although, we have some flexibility and can handle smaller volumes. We are convinced that we will always find the most optimal solution for our customers.

Today, all grocery chains, many specialty shops and most wholesalers have their own private label, which they want to market. Private label is the specialty of Delsbo Candle. We can also put the Swan label on private label products.

​​​​​​​For private label products the following applies:
  • The customer is fully responsible for all unique private label material
  • Cliché costs and any punch costs will be invoiced to the customer.
  • Smallest amount of customer unique material approx. 20 000. Sub-orders are approved.
  • Customer unique colours will be obtained when desired.
  • When a private label product ends, the customer is responsible for costs for any leftover customer unique material.