About us

Delsbo Candle is a Swedish company, specialized in production of ecolabelled candles. We are one of the largest candle producers in Sweden and the factory in Fredriksfors (Delsbo) provides the Swedish, European and international markets with high quality antique, crown and canal candles. 
Are you searching for candles with the very best burning properties, highest imaginable quality and also a clear environmental profile? Then go for Delsbo Candle as a supplier. We continuously strive for development possibilities - we are passionate about making the impossible possible. Through simple logistics and great possibilities to adapt to our customers´ conditions, we are one of the most effective and modern producers of Swan labelled stearic candles. As the first producer in the world we put the Swan label on our candles. Today we are the only producer in the world to produce our whole volume according to the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel. 
  • Certified management system according to ISO 9001
  • Swan label
  • RAL-certified
  • Member of ECA (European Candle Association)
  • Finalist Businessman of the year 2015
  • Missing People
Delsbo Candle is one of the largest candle producers in Sweden. Since 1959, the factory in Fredriksfors, Delsbo, provides candles to the market.

Our full quality assortment in combination with our production knowledge gives our customers great possibilities of choice and flexibility. We produce 19 cm to 35 cm candles. Colours are standard or produced from the customer´s request - carbon black, olive green, bright pink or just white. We offer many packaging solutions. We deliver on 1/1 or 1/2 pallet or smaller volumes.  

Our ambition is to be a competent and trustworthy supplier, which, with a humble and earthy attitude will be a partner, will support their customers on the market. We take an active role in what happens in our environment and we support our customers in their sustainability work. By this we want to add to more and better business for our customers.