Our product range of candles in different forms and various colours, in combination with our production knowledge, creates options and flexibility for our customers.
Do you want to sell Swan labelled candles from Delsbo Candle to earn some money to your school class, your sports association or your "UF-företag"? Delsbo Candle cooperates with Föreningsljuset who will help you find the best solution. Click here and you will be directed to their sales page. 

Welcome to our annual outlet day on Nov 30 at 10am-6pm at our factory in Fredriksfors!

You are likely to find more products to choose from in the beginning of the day - but also the longest queue. 

We DO produce

  • Tapered candles (white and colours)
  • Household candles (white and colours)

Please note that we DO NOT produce

  • Scented candles
  • Tealights
  • Block candles
  • Votive (filled glass) candles

Delsbo Candle has a strong focus on sustainability, which is why we have chosen to only produce candles that pass the criteria for the Swan label. Production of tealights does not fit our production line either since the largest interest is on tealights with aluminium cup -  a product which does not go well with our environmental policy. 

    Candles for all situations

    Delsbo Candle primary works with bigger customers, and mainly produce for the customer´s private label. We have a certified quality management system (ISO 9001) and we were the number one in the world to put Swan labelled candles on the market. Our candles clearly exceed the requirements of the European candle standards, which imply that they hold the very best burning quality.

    Delsbo Candle have candles for all situations, from soft pastel coloured antique candles to long classy crown candles. Take a look at our Product page.

    Cores values

    At Delsbo Candle, customer service, quality and sustainability are fully integrated core values. We seek for possibilities at all times. Our organisation is small and optimised regarding administration as well as production, and all co-workers have great influence over their own work situation.

    By this, we can quickly adapt to the customer´s needs and the outside world's requirements.

    We have presented a sustainability report to openly communicate our ongoing work with developing our work environment, minimizing our environmentally impact and improving our society.

    Long-range view and security

    The company, including the production, is situated in the small village of Fredriksfors a few kilometres outside Delsbo in Hälsingland county, some 300 kilometres north of Stockholm. At the site, candles have been produced since the 1940s. The company CEO Olle Skog is responsible for the operations since 50 years. Approx. 20 persons are employed and the turnover is approx. 60 MSEK.
    During our 50 years of operation we have gathered a unique experience and knowledge, which allow us to always provide our customers with the best alternative. As a customer, you shall always feel safe and secure with us.

    Please contact us!