At Delsbo Candle, we produce antique candles, crown candles and canal candles. For all our candles the following applies:
  • The candle foot is ribbed for best fitting in the candle holder. 
  • We exclusively produce candles from stearin which is a renewable raw material. (Paraffin is made from fossil oil.)
  • A stearin candle will emit only very small amounts of substances which are bad for the environment and health.
  • Candles from Delsbo Candle meet and exceed the requirements in the European candle standards as well as the quality requirements in RAL.
  • The raw material for the stearin in our production does not derive from palm oil or palm wax. 
  • All candles, made by us at Delsbo Candle, meet the environmental requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.
  • Delsbo Candle offer around 50 standard colours, and all candles can carry the Swan label. 
  • Apart from our own brand "Delsbo Candle" we produce candles for our customers´ private labels, which can also carry the Swan label. Read more about private label below.  
  • We offer a number of packaging solutions, se below. 


Our own "Delsbo Candle" brand carries the Swan label. Our customers´ private label products can also easily carry the Swan label. 


We have a wide range of packaging solutions. Please contact the sales department for more information. 

Our own collection "Delsbo Candle"

You can download our product catalogue here!

Antique candles

Cone shape
Length: 21 and 25 cm. 
Diameter: 22 mm. 

Crown candles

Cylindrical with bell shaped tip ​​​​​​​
Length: 19, 20, 24, 25, 28, 30, 35 cm.
Diameter: 22 mm.
​​​​​​​Candles with the length 20 and 25 cm are also available at 24 mm diameter. 

Canal candles

Crown candles with canals
Length: 20 cm.
Diameter: 24 mm.